The Second Phase of Midsummer Event is here!


The Fire Elementals have started a full invasion! Our deepest fears have come true! They are infiltrating nearly every part of our world. Who is going to save us from this combustion?

The weird activity in Wayfarer’s Rest has come to its peak with the coming of the Mid Summer. What is going on there? Will we have to fight 2 enemies at one time?

Orlunn turned out to be a traitor!

Orlunn has turned to be a traitor! He devoured all the fire essences you, brave heroes, gave to him and ran away to Obsidian Sanctum! You need to stop him, brave heroes, or the Fire will conquer the world!

Majordomo Staghelm has arrived to help the heroes, but he is focused on containing the Wild Fire that Orlunn has broken free. You will have to stop the new threat yourself!
Trinket Update

All event trinkets have received changes in order to make them more desirable but at the same moment less dependent on scalable stats. These changes were made to ensure that these items are viable in current raid and perhaps in some situations in later tiers, but with gear progression they should not become BiS.
Unfortunately, with the changes the tooltips do not show proper values anymore, so it is like following:

Living Cauterizing Flames: 2m + 200% of SP
Meteor in a Bottle: Proc (2.925m + 20% of SP) and DOT (702k + 10% of SP per second) : 30 sec internal cooldown
Sigil of Fire: 3.45m + 120% of AP : 20 sec internal cooldown
Sigil of Burst: 5.45m + 60% of AP : 20 sec internal cooldown

Additional Information:

Important! Be sure to update your patch-9 either by using our launcher or manually replacing it with the patch from here. Without the latest patch you cannot use the mount / see the special effect on the new event trinkets.

The event will last 2 weeks, started on 26.07 at 20:00 Server Time and ending on 09.08 at 20:00 Server Time

Take care that this event includes a minimum amount of quests. Most of the information about it you will need to get from speaking with NPCs / exploring the world / asking other players. Staff will not guide you on most parts of it unless there is an issue.

The stronger versions of event tabards will be available with the second phase of the event.

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