Return of legendary Cataclysm 4.3.4 x100 – 19.02.22

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Date: February 3, 2022

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Do you remember how you started playing World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm at x100? Remember those people, emotions and feelings? Or you can not understand what is it with that? Anyway, do not pass through and read this to the end.

We are glad to announce truly legendary Cataclysm server with x100 rates upcoming return. It had connected numerous realms and became one of the biggest and longplaying Cataclysm servers.

Key feature of the new realm is the increased quality and custom changes, improving the game, you could not even dream about in the past.

We expect attracting both former players, that are fed up with levelling and newcomers, ready to bury into action and try high-level content.
If you love levelling and casual journeys around the world, we will not endowe you with this option, we have added an option to change rates with a simple command (.xp rate).

With a high degree of probability, this is the last Cataclysm reincarnation at our project, we do not plan opening realms of this expansion in future, so if you miss this or want to try something new: you are welcome.

Promo page:

Current status: OBT based on existing 4.3.4 x5 and Fun realms.

How to start playing:

Realm section:

Game section (addons, guides etc.):

Details of realm opening and its features:

  • Opening date: 19.02.2022 at 19:00 (GMT+3).
  • Rates: x100 for experience, x3 or all the rest.
  • Separate large development team.
  • Extensive advertising campaign.
  • Realm type from the start: PvP
  • Cross server with current x5 and Fun realms will be actual after 4.3 patch launch.
  • Server will start from 4.2 (Dragon Soul/HoT in Dungeon Finder will be unavailable from the start and during X months).

Modifications (custom):

  • Mythic dungeons – additional mode, reworked and more difficult.
  • Solo RBG – new way of playing rated BG.
  • Interfactional BG – quick battleground search, no queues and premade groups.
  • PvP zone in Azshara Crater – a place, where you can relax and show who’s the boss.
  • PvE-spectator – spectate players LIVE during PvE activity.
  • Arena Spectator – spectate arena plays.
  • Arena Spectator – view arena games.
  • NPC with unique transmogrification – items, you can’t get in a game are available – pure visual bliss.
  • Interactive menu (.menu) – lots of features in one place.
  • Multifunctional NPC for ingame issues solution and more.
  • Extended transmogrification.
  • Manual rate change by .xp rate command, from 1 to 100 – if you want hardcore just type .xp rate 1 and play x1.


We expect to see more than 5000 players from the start, like in old good times with cataclysm realms peak, we plan to hold players interest by qualitative work as long as possible. Anyhow, we will be happy to see any outcome.

We are waiting you at the start: 19.02.2022 at 19:00 (GMT+3):


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2 years ago

greedy donat russian server..who will go to you? funny. Everything will be in the store again.

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