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Date: October 30, 2020

Categories: Private Servers

Hello Champions of Azeroth!

for the past couple of days we the team of Path of Classic has been talking internally and we’ve decided to allow

2-4 People from the Community onto the Firemaw Realm. You will not be on it as BETA Players. But instead you will be a part of our Quality Assurance. We believe that having a Quality  Assurance (Team) will allow us to prepare even furtherly with quality taken into a wider aspect.

What is expected of a Quality Assurance member?

We expect that you take the necessary time to check and confirm that quality standards are met. Should you happen to encounter issues we do require the Q/A Team to submit detailed reports.

How will the Quality Assurance Members be picked?

In order to make this as fair as over all possible. we will allow everyone to submit a self-written application and from the amount of Applications we will pick 2 to 4 users that are to represent our Quality Assurance Team.

Now how do we get started?

It is very simple, Write your own application specifying why you should be picked to be a part of the Path of Classic Quality Assurance Team, what benefits you can bring and what previous experience you have. We would also appreciate some personal (non-sensitive information) as well. Like perhaps first name (leave out middle and second please!), Age and origination.

You can send this application to OMGhixD on Discord.

His Discord ID: “OMGhixD#2839” Without qoutations.

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