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Date: May 18, 2022

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Experience the opening of Ahn’Qiraj, invade and conquer the Black Temple, and stop the Lich King before he dominates the entire planet with the Scourge!

As the community completes content, new content will be made available!
Precision is a progressive World of Warcraft server running on the 3.3.5 client. The server’s progression will start in early Vanilla with Molten Core and Onyxia available and go through expansions all the way to endgame WotLK content and Lich King’s inevitable demise.

Why PTE? (Progress through expansions)
This server was made from an idea where players could progress through expansions and relive the most iconic moments of wow history again. When Precision was first thought such concept didn’t exist and that was the reason why this project has born. PTE is just a beautiful concept on this client because everything feels much more balanced than using the original mechanics and expansions.

What can be expected from Precision?
This is mostly a project made out of passion with a very small team (this is not a “professional” project by any means). This is a custom server with a large amount of changes. Bugs exist and will always exist in any private server no matter the team size, all we can say is that we are prepared to make your experience better and fix them. Still, there is a lot of good things to expect from Precision, we carefully made it to be the most enjoyable adventure possible, and also a different experience than a default WOTLK based server.
Precision is a place where you can have fun and make friends, at least, in our point of view. All the content that you will see here is mostly tested and polished to the max possible.

Why choose Precision?
PTE aka Progress Through Expansions system with 18 different phases.

Season of Mastery based script changes.

Dungeon/Raid hardmodes with specific/custom scripts.

Realm firsts for levels/raid clearings/hardmodes.

Custom class balance changes adapted to specific phases/expansions.

Patch locked items ensure proper progression without balance-breaking overpowered items being available when they shouldn’t.

Catch up mechanic in the form of tokens from dungeons and daily quests to purchase the previous tier of gear.

Dynamic, adjustable exp rates.

Account bound mounts and pets.

Spell Auto Learner.


Vanilla mechanics restored. (example: rune dousing in MC, original attunements…)

and more..

Click here to see the full feature list

The server has been extensively tested for months by a group of dedicated beta testers, with the goal to eradicate as many bugs as possible and fix any additional issues related to the custom nature of the server. We have been hard at work to create a solid experience for all our players to enjoy. We really hope you will take a look at this incredible project and see it for yourself!

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