Opening Legion 7.3.5 x11 – 24.02.23 at 19:00 (GMT+3)

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Date: January 14, 2023

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Dear players! Recently we promised to open a new World of Warcraft expansion fresh-server in the end of 2022 – beginning of 2023, we chose between Shadowlands and Legion.
Considering the fact that Shadowlands is newish and more contesting for our current BfA realm, we decided to work on Legion first (and continue work on SL for longer period of time).

We started preparing Legion from the beginning of 2022. If you have played at our 7.3.5 x4, you will see great difference in work quality of realm in the past and today, we fixed thousands of bugs, made a global remake of core code.

Today we are finishing the preparation of opening new WoW Circle Legion 7.3.5 x11, that will take place on 24.02.23 at 19:00 (GMT +3).
We need a month more, to apply all the main fixes, that are now actively tested.

Our team hopes, that this server will unite all the fans of this expansion like it was in the past, and will attract new players, who had no possibility/wish/time to discover this expansion at retail.

We are ready to give you some basic information about the future Legion 7.3.5 x11 realm in this announce

Promo page:

Registration: Legion 7.3.5(click)

Control panel:

Current status: OBT at current 7.3.5 x4 realm

How to join:

Realm opening details and features:

  • Opening date: 24.02.23 at 19:00 (GMT +3)
  • Rates: x11 for experience, everything else x2.
  • Realm type – PVP
  • Gradual content discovery starting from 7.0 patch.
  • Enabled all the realm first achievement titles.
  • Stable and maximally workable core and database (the most blizzlike pvp/pve, we could prepare, with a focus on Legion content).
  • Separate, independent from FireStorm, developers team.
  • Extensive advertising campaign, starting in the nearest days and coming to its peak closer to server launch.

Modifications (custom):

  • PvE spectator – Spectate players dungeon runs LIVE.
  • Arena spectator – Spectate players LIVE fights on the arena.
  • Arena RePlay – Watch arena replays to analyze enemy gameplay or your mistakes.
  • VIP Account – Do not have enough time to level up? Then a VIP account is for you, which increases the experience gain and more (not available from the start).
  • Interactive menu (.menu) – Many functions in one place.
  • Unique visual effect collections in .menu – Visual effects, you cannot get in a game are available – pure visual bliss.
  • Manual rates switch – Dynamic changing rates from x1 to x11 using .xp rate command, for those who like playing smooth.
  • SoloQ 1-1 and 3-3 – Now you can conquer the arena without looking for a team.

Information about realm can be changed before its opening and after it, some custom mods can be added depending on players wish.

Gradual content opening stages:

– 7.1 «Return to Karazhan»
– 7.2 «Tomb of Sargeras»
– 7.3 «Shadows of Argus»

Every new patch will be installed depending on the current realm progress and content discovered by players. Latest client version will be used, all changes are done on a server level.

About donations:

Items in control panel will be added gradually, but at the initial stage no features will be available, except “Character repair”, this means you can not buy even gold of VIP account during the first days.
Features and items will be added depending on realm progress.


We are expecting more than 5.000 players from the start, but technically server can work even with 10.000 players with comfortable delay.


We will enable an option to create characters at Legion 7.3.5 x11 3 days before the start – 21.02.2023 at 18:00 (GMT+3) so that you can take your nickname and prepare the game client before the start..

In addition we will launch several events before and from the start of a realm, follow this thread to be aware of the latest news.

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