OmegaWoW Summer 2019: Transfers, TBC, Double XP and more!

Posted by OmegaWoW

Date: June 26, 2019

Categories: Announcements

Hey guys, we’ve got quite a bit of things to share with you today:

We’ve been working on a TBC server for a long time, and feel confident enough at this point that we’d like to show it to you across some beta tests, with the first one starting on next Friday.

We will also be introducing the Mercenary Market, where you can buy/sell characters with other players on our server. There will be limitations on what you can sell, such as only being able to sell characters up to level 79, or level 80 characters with less than 12 hours of played time on level 80.

We would also like to announce that we will be having double XP until the release of 3.2, which is happening in July, starting with Friday this week! More details on the release schedule soon.

In the next seven days, we will also be releasing the following:

The anti-ninja system, which is 95% ready to go.

Two-factor authentication, to better protect your account and delete the few remaining bots that are still trying and failing to get work done.

Server transfers (more on that soon, including restrictions on what people can bring here and whatnot)

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