omegawow private server

omegawow private server

Posted by OmegaWoW

Date: May 16, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

OmegaWoW is now open for guild transfers! We’ve been receiving requests for quite a while, and have been figuring out a way to enable them while keeping things as fair as possible to our current community.

There are two options for transferring:

Guilds between 10 and 19 players can request to join, and upon providing a list of account names, will receive 14 days of double XP to speed things up, allowing them to get back to the endgame and enjoy our pre-nerfed Ulduar.

Guilds of 20 players and over will receive 14 days of double XP, as well as enough Guild Transfer Points to buy shoulder, chest, weapon and trinket heirlooms. If any of you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us through a PM to this account, on Discord, Facebook or on our forum.

The process will be handled as follows: The guild leader contacts us, providing a list of newly-created account names by their guildmates. We will set the accounts up with the XP Boosts, and heirloom currency where applicable. That’s it! The cost of spells is already reduced by 33%, so levelling on a higher rate won’t be a problem for the experienced player. Dual Talent Specialization is also free for Alliance players, in an effort to keep the factions as balanced as possible.

Part of our ongoing effort to make PvP feel more appealing and rewarding than WOTLK traditionally does, we are implementing a new set of account-bound currencies that reward players for participating, and winning, in PvP settings.

Sigils of War can be earned by winning Battlegrounds, and can be redeemed for Season 1 TBC weapons to be used for transmogrification.

Sigils of Domination can be earned by winning arena matches, with 3v3 rewarding three per win, and can be redeemed for Season 2 TBC weapons, for the purpose of transmogrification.

Additionally, we are making the Tier 3 set pieces (no longer obtainable in-game) purchasable with Sigils of Vanquishing, which will drop off bosses in WOTLK dungeons.

The Celestial Steed, until now missing from our shop, will be purchasable only with Sigils of the Titans, a mysterious currency whose whereabouts are yet unknown.

We have further improvements in the pipeline, and we hope those changes will give those less interested in PvP an opportunity to get something they feel has a use for them!

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