Posted by Furious

Date: February 1, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Recruit-a-Friend is now enabled! The system is very easy to use; if you’re interested, check out this link to find out how to use it:

For those of you who can’t find anyone to party with to make use of the Recruit-a-Friend feature…

Our donation shop is now fully open! If you haven’t checked out the items available, you may do so at
For available donation options, click here:
To tie it all in with Recruit-a-Friend, we have just added a similar boost to the shop – “Recruit-a-Boost” – for players who are unlucky in finding players to level with. It lasts seven days.

In other news, we have come back to our peak and had over 900 players online last night! We are thrilled to be growing and very thankful for your support! Stay tuned, as we have a lot of cool things planned coming soon!

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