ICC Release Today 25th August 7PM GMT (8PM CET) 13 CENTRAL

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Date: August 25, 2023

Categories: Announcements ICC Release Today 25th August 7PM GMT (8PM CET) 13 CENTRAL

Watch our full server overview:

The best mix between a Blizzlike WoTLK and a Custom Server

Our first season is called Season of The Scourge and you can check it’s Roadmap here:

Server Features

• Class Perk System, imagine A Frost Mage Competing with a Fire Mage in a PvE Raid

• Soloable content (up to ICC10 when released), including scaling raids for legacy content.

• Modified Flexible Raiding System with mechanics that change on player count.

• Mythic+ Dungeon System similar to Retail.

• Mythic+ Raids

• Mounts & Transmog downported from Retail

• Travel back In Time and Kill TBC / Classic raids scaled to ICC 25 Level (with 5+ players inside)

• Custom Reforging, Warforging & Transmog System.

• Casual options for Gearing.

• New Profession Leveling System.

• Account-wide Ways to Gear Your Alts.

• Custom 1v1 Arenas.

• Instant 80.

• Everything is Crossfaction.

On top of all the raiding content, our new Mythic+ system is the perfect way to experience WoTLK like you never have before. With multiple dungeons to try out, the possibilities of ways to enjoy the content has never been higher.

So why should you play?

Northrend has been around for about 4 years and is constantly evolving.

Do you just enjoy the raids in WOTLK, and don’t really feel like leveling?

This is the server for you.

You want to level your character to be able to get the full WOTLK Experience?

Well, the server is for you.

You want to do 60/70 content by yourself or with a group of friends?

I think you know what we’re about to say next.

Minimal bugs as the base Core is Powered by Azerothcore, the best open-source core! Website, Discord and Servers are under active development, some things may be subject to change.



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