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Date: April 25, 2020

Categories: Private Servers

We are aware that you are not focused on PvP, but as you can see, we have recently introduced new products.

Basically, all classes are new now, although it took a lot of time and effort, but there are 3 main ones,
1) Manashield combined with custom mp5 gems,
2) unfair general injuries (especially hemo, backstab, ambush, evisceration),
3) 3v3 solo damping system

1) This has been a problem for several years, which is very surprising, because the repair was easy: turn off the mp5 gems. Yes, there may be a few people who bought 3500 mp5 gems for gold coins, but you can easily compensate for them. This class does not need an indestructible, flammable shield.

2) Rogue dmg on hwow has always been high. We’ve introduced 2 milestones: the first is 50% weakness. We reduced PvE equipment, so it was reasonable to weaken the resistance value (otherwise people would never die in PvP).
However, the rogues didn’t wear much clothing, so the extra damage they lost is basically nothing compared to the increased damage they inflicted on their targets by 50% weaker immunity. the second change is the recent “weakening” of s4, which caused even less resistance of the best players on the machines. Rogues derive much more benefit from lower resistance to their targets than other classes.

3) Hybrid classes (such as shaman, druid, priest) are popular and unless 4 rogues are sitting in 3 on 3, there are 3-5 hybrids many times, which leads to an endless game. Until hybrids are complete rubbish, people will always play these classes, so the best solution to this problem was the suppression system. This means that after a certain period of time the treatment you do / receive decreases (starting from 1%, up to 99%).

We know that problems with the balance of classes will always remain, because people are biased in relation to the classes they play, that’s why we only ask you to test them yourself and have fun.

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