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Date: December 19, 2023

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Dear players! We are glad to announce, that we are opening fresh new Shadowlands 9.2.7 x5 realm with gradual content discovery on 23.12.23 at 15:00 GMT.

We are quite literally the first large server complex, that launches this expansion on high quality level from the very beginning (you can assure yourself using current open beta) and have all the opportunities to support it in the long run thanks to a large development team (both personal and our partners).

We want to unite all the fans of this expansion and will put efforts to make a unique experience for players, who missed Shadowlands for various reasons on retail.

Our team considered launch failure of Legion (seems to be the worst launch in our project history), same situation with Shadowlands is impossible, server side has been tested by our partners and approved itself from the best side, moreover we will improve actual moments and fix some bugs according to your reports during PTR.

In this announce we are ready to provide you basic information about future Shadowlands 9.2.7 x5 realm.

Current status: PTR

Realm opening details and features:

  • Opening date: 23.12.23 at 15:00 GMT.
  • Rates: x5 for experience, rest x2.
  • Gradual content discovery starting from 9.0 patch.
  • Good quality workability with a focus on Shadowlands content.
  • Separate independent developers team.
  • Extensive advertising campaign, that has already started, coming to its peak closer to server launch.

Features (custom):

  • Arena RePlay – Watch arena replays to analyze enemy gameplay or your mistakes.
  • Do not have enough time to level up? You can purchase VIP account (N/A when realm starts).
  • Interactive menu (.menu) – Numerous features in one place.
  • Dynamic rates change – .xp rate command to choose rates from x1 to x5.

Gradual content opening stages:

– 9.0 «Shadowlands» – realm start.
– 9.1 «Chains of Domination».
– 9.2 «Eternity’s End».

Every new patch will be installed depending on the current realm progress and content discovered by players. Latest client version will be used, all changes are done on a server level.

About donations:

Items in control panel will be added gradually, but at the initial stage no features will be available, except “Character repair”, this means you can not buy even gold of VIP account during the first days.
Features and items will be added depending on realm progress.


We are expecting more than 5.000 players from the start, but technically server can work even with 10.000 players with comfortable delay.


We will enable an option to create characters at Shadowlands x5 few days before the start on 21.12.2021 at 15:00 GMT so that you can take your nickname and prepare the game client before the start.

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Josef Essam
Josef Essam
5 months ago

russian server nothing to care about we english people

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