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Date: September 23, 2023

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Our team has been preparing for this for a long time and finally it happened!
We are ready to tell you about the new server, which we will open this autumn!

Let’s get right to the point! What awaits you on the new server?

  • PvP mode. Non-switchable, non-removable, eternal.
  • Exp rate: х100. All other rates – from х3 to х10.
  • Progressive opening. All the raids and quest chains in the locations are already ready, so the waiting time for new content will be short. All arenas and battlegrounds will be available immediately from the opening.
  • Already time-tested and stable core, no experiments and surprises.
  • Familiar assistants and vendors: teleporters, spectators, custom enchantments, pvp missions. Custom shirts and much more that we haven’t had before 🙂
  • Already familiar wargames, Soloq and arena seasons.
  • Cross-server battlegrounds: the new realm will be connected to the rest of our realms after opening all the content. Until then, you will only meet players from your x100 realm on the battlegrounds.
  • From the opening , a manual change of rates from x1 to x100 will be available in the capitals and by the command .xp rate

Opening date: October 28, 2023 at 13:00 GMT. Very soon! What of the Mists of Pandaria content will you see on the opening day?

  • Pandaria continent and a quest chain for its opening.
  • Leveling up to level 90, all locations of Pandaria.
  • Player farm and The Tillers questlines.
  • Pet battle.
  • Scenarios and dungeons for level 90.
  • World bosses: Sha & Galeon.
  • The first raid will be available within a week after the opening.
  • The store will also be available in a week, but it will only have services for the characters. Items that can give an unfair advantage when leveling cannot be bought, equipment from raids will appear in the store only when it appears in the game.

Useful information

– Promo: [click]
– Account registration: [click]
– Download game client: [click]
– PandaWoW socials: [discord] / [facebook]

What are our plans for the future of this realm?

We are not standing still and during the existence of our x5 PvE realm we have achieved a lot and implemented a lot. All these developments (and much more) will be available on the x100 server, but if on the x5 realm we focused on the PvE component, and all new content was related to bosses, raids and PvE events, then on the new realm we will delve into PvP content, as already existing in the game, and not yet implemented! We already have some developments for future novelties.

We will also continue to perfect classes and talents, and work on our core, which will give you the opportunity to see things in the game that previously seemed impossible.

This means that a lot of new things are waiting for you in the game!

You can see with your own eyes and check all of the above:
October 28, 2023 at 13:00 GMT

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