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Date: April 12, 2020

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Bosses will be changing after the overhaul. Since the overhaul provides a more slower style of combat the tactics of a boss will be changed around this. Before bosses did extremely high damage and had extremely high defense to counter-act the amount of damage players did and how fast they did it. After the overhaul bosses will change in various ways. These ways are explained below in detail.

  • Armor – will be generalized for tier brackets. This means that armor will always be a certain amount in tier 1 level of content while being slightly increased with each higher tier.
  • Affinity – Bosses of a certain element will have a affinity towards that element. For example, a fire elemental boss will have a very high resistance to Fire type damage(Players spells and procs). So using attacks of the same type against this boss will lower the overall damage done by that player. It can be bypassed some what with spell penetration however spell penetration will be a Enchant and Gem only stat.
  • Simpler Tactics – The fights themselves will be slower paces compared to the extreme speeds currently on Unlimited. This doesn’t mean it will be easier. This just means it gives players more time to react to something and less RNG of randomly being one-shotted or chain shotted with high damaging abilities.
  • React or Die – Most bosses will have special abilities that require party members to react to them. Failure to do so will slow the encounter down or in a worse case cause you to wipe. Some examples include decursing, cleansing, moving, stop actions, feedback damage debuffs, and so on. Our goal is to make the fights straight forward and making it so players have to react or meet a certain requirement and failure to do so will punish you in some form. You do good, the fight goes smoothly. You tunnel herp derp, you and your group pay the price.

Due to the amount of time the Overhaul is taking we’ll most likely release “basic” scripts and come back later and improve them the encounters with more tactics. Some times creating boss fights can take a really long time and we just don’t have the time within the Overhaul Project to spend weeks on one boss or raid. Thankfully the scripting method we’re using allows us to change/remove/add things without updates to the server or restarts.

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