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Date: December 24, 2019

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New Year!

A new year will be upon us soon, everyone! I hope you all are having a good holiday season and overall a good year. We enter a new age here on Heroes-WoW. We have lots of changes and plans we want to do this year. Sadly I wished it was plans for new raiding content but it’s mostly improvements to the server itself. There has been a lot of changes done to Unlimited by a hand full of different devs who had their own methods and ideals for the realm’s future, alas they’re gone now. So with a new dev team comes new changes. This is what we have planned for the following months.

–Currency System Overhaul – There are a lot of useless currency items on Unlimited from years past. We will be removing a lot of these currencies and keeping it much more simpler. Currencies from PvE and Events will have the biggest changes done. You can expect Raids, Events, Voting, Battlegrounds, and World Bosses to all have unique currencies for them and for the most part, single currencies.
–Raid Instances Overhaul – We’ll be rebalancing all our raid instances. T2 to t7 will strictly be five mans. T8 to t10 will strictly be 10 mans. We’ll be correcting Boss HP, resist, and armor for all raids. We’ll also be removing a lot of useless over-spawned trash.
–Item Overhaul – We will be looking at every item ingame and changing their stat values. This means you can expect nerfs and buff on a lot of items. The reason we’re doing this is because a lot of the items are just not scaled properly from past changes, which have new items scaled off of them and that leads to more and more balancing issues as we release newer items. We will also be adding all the missing item types for all tiers during this project.
–Class Balancing(PvE) – We will be doing class balancing ontop of the Item Stat Overhaul. There are a lot of issues with a great number of classes that need to be adjusted. Some classes need buffs, others need nerfs. We’ll address them all and try to aim for a generalized balanced gameplay, where the only advantages you have over someone is will be your class itself and the gear you wear. So two classes of the same gear ilvl and role type will be on equal footing UNTIL the classes abilities and talents take effect.
–Class Balancing(PvP) – We don’t have any plans for pvp balancing as players for the most part seem to be happy with how it is now. You’re more than welcome to post any and all suggestions for this at any time though.
–World Bosses – A lot of old world bosses will be leaving forever. They will be replaced with newer versions for tier 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10. They will all have a form of loot that is tied into the main raiding system but not required.
–Events – We will be working on new events for the players. These events are not limited to ingame. We’ll do giveaways via discord. Maybe contest. Ofc we will still do extra loot events for raids. We’ll try to plan PvP events. New ingame events that will offer event currency, which you can spend on new event items.
–Voting Rewards – We will be releasing more vote items. For starters we will be introducing Voting Weapons. These weapons will be upgradable and they will be stronger than normal PvE weapons but weaker than Donor weapons. We’ll also be improving older events as well.
–Custom Buffs, Gems, and Enchants – We will introduce custom buffs, gems, and enchants over the course of the next few months. So you can expect more useful buffs from food and more useful gems(Low/Mid/High Level) ones. We currently don’t have a plan for enchants just yet but we do want to make them at some point.
–Better Vendors – We’ll be improving vendors for Shiny, PvP, and Premium Accounts. Mostly these changes will be cosmetics. Mounts, Auras, Morphs, Companions, Hunter Pets, etc.
–Solo Content – We’ll be expanding our solo content as well. This will take the form of dailies you can do in the mall for shinies, custom buffs, etc. It will also be full questing zones for t4, 6, and 8. The questing zones might come at a slower pace than anything else though.
–Guild Houses – We’ll be looking into updating our guild housing system. Adding things like Daily and Weekly quest for guilds with housing. Visual improvements to the location itself. Maybe a special world boss. Possible guild events only.

We do not have any ETA on these projects. When we begin them, you guys will be the first to know. Some of these projects are very time consuming for us to do. Class Balancing is a process and always will be. Item Overhaul is a very time consuming project to undertake. Myself and Fenuks feel like these things need to be done, should’ve been done years ago, before we can bring you guys any new content. They’re long overdue, so we ask you guys to be patient with us as we try to do all of these projects this year. Some you may not agree with, some you may agree with it but as a server we feel like most of these projects should’ve been a default standard for us.

So we wish you all happy holidays and look forward to the new year. We’ll announce which projects we will be focusing on around the 1st so stay tuned for that. As always, you’re more than welcome to ask us questions about these projects and we’ll answer them to the best of our abilities. When we know something, you guys will always be the first to know it’s going to happen. That being said, we’d also like to tell you that not all plans are set in stone and can be changed at any given time. When changes are done we will always post here about it!!?

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