Looking For Raid – WOTLK5Man – Naxxramas released

The server released a couple of weeks ago and our developers have been working hard fixing outstanding issues with heroics, classes, general gameplay and have been implementing many new features suggested by our community to improve the experience on the server.

We are now happy to announce that Naxxramas 10-man has being released, the first major raid for this new 5-man server. We’ve created some short videos of a few of the fights that went through the most changes available here – Naxxramas Playlist

For those unaware of the server some high level features of are:

⦁ Instant 80

⦁ Instant 375 professions

⦁ Instant friendly with key Northrend factions

⦁ Reduced raid lockouts

⦁ Cross faction

⦁ 5-Man only raids

⦁ Progressive release




Discord: https://discord.com/invite/sHpEP73vVT

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