Monster-WoW announces a news BfA realm: Kul Tiras

Beta Realm info:
– All Allied Races are available, but you need a LvL 20 regular character first! (Dark Iron and Mag’har Orc also)
– Kul tiras and Zandalar continents are available above lvl110
– Battleground,Arena and Dungeon Finders are available
– Rates are 12x


  1. – Stage  Leveling / Stability test (from 2018.11.16.)
    Few pictures about the development insight:
  2. Legion Characters transfer + BFA start zones (from 2018.11.26.)
    development insight II. :
  3. – Stage  PvP/Class mechanics (from 2018.12.03.)

Release at 10th of December


Get more information about the BETA and connection details, you must join to our Discord server!

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