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Date: August 5, 2021

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Looking For Raid – WOTLK5man – Naxxramas 25-man releasing

The server has been out for a few months, and after a few groups have cleared all of the T7 10man content including Undying and 3 drakes we’re starting to release 25-man content.

25-man content is our vision of hard mode, with bosses tuned for increased difficulty and additional mechanics to not make it so 25-man fights are the same fights as 10-man just with more health and damage.

Naxxramas 25-man, Plague, Construct and Arachnid quarters will be releasing Friday 13th August, because we think this is a lucky day.

Some of the changes made to fights include:

  • Loatheb – Necrotic Aura is up 100% of the time, but spawns Healthy Spores that when killed remove Necrotic Aura

  • Thaddius – Becomes overloaded and casts Electrical Overload damaging all players, the damage is multiplied by the number of charged stacks.

  • Heigan – Spawns clouds throughout normal phase, which if you run into will leave a slow debuff on the player which diminishes over time

  • Gluth – Will leave a Flesh Rip debuff on a random DPS, the person affected with this debuff will have all Zombie Chow chase them, unless affected by Decimate.

You can find more information on the 25-man changes on our wiki: Wiki ( You can also view all other server changes on the wiki, including the changes already made to 10-man fights to work with the smaller group sizes.

For new players some of the key features of the server are:

⦁ Instant 80

⦁ Instant 375 professions

⦁ Instant friendly with key Northrend factions

⦁ Reduced raid lockouts

⦁ Cross faction

⦁ 5-Man only raids

⦁ Progressive release





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