Looking For Raid | 5-Man WOTLK | End of Tier 7 & New Developments

Looking For Raid – 5-Man WOTLK – End of Tier 7 & New Developments
Looking For Raid is yet another 3.3.5a private server however created with a simple goal; make quality content that is fun, challenging and accessible to groups of 5 players.
Since releasing this year we’ve achieved this goal in Tier 7 with redeveloped Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity in both 10 and 25 man, with 25 man being given extra mechanics and tuning.
Below is a showcase of some of the 25man versions of fights completed by one of the groups currently leading most of the raid Leaderboards:
New Developments
10-player battlegrounds: We’ve reworked Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm to work as a 10v10 and have future battlegrounds on our roadmap to downsize to 10v10 battlegrounds.
Edge network: With an increasing number of players playing the server from across the globe we’ve spent significant time and resource into being as accommodating as possible for those players by providing edge network devices.
These edge devices are located in Asia, North America and South America to connect to, which will tunnel traffic directly into our game servers located in Europe reducing latency and packet loss for players that have a larger geographic route to the game server.

LFR Edge Network

What’s next in 2022
As well as continuing to develop the server to maintain as high quality gameplay as possible we’ve been working hard on developing Ulduar 10 man ready to begin releasing bosses starting in January 2022.
With the opening of Ulduar comes a close to Tier 7 and the Server First rewards being distributed for 1st places in our raid Leaderboards.
The following is key information on the server:
5-man raids
We are not using any form of auto scale mod. We go through each boss in a raid and tune the fight specifically for 5-man groups. If there are mechanics that do not work for the smaller group sizes, we do not remove or nerf them, but adjust them to maintain the challenge.
Hard modes
25-man difficulty remains restricted to 5 players. We do however increase the difficulty of fights by additional tuning and adding new mechanics. This is our version of hard mode.
We will not progress the emblem system in heroics, heroics will always drop Emblems of Heroism, Naxxramas 25 will always drop Emblems of Valor, Ulduar 25 will always drop Emblems of Conquest. We also gate raids behind achievements. This means as a new player, or new character you can enjoy gearing and progressing through content without a gear catch-up system or being forced into mindless ICC from day 2. For alts we provide account wide emblem transfers to make gearing alts a bit less time consuming.
Our Leaderboard system allows groups to compete against each other for the quickest raid wing clear times. The rewards for the quickest in each wing at the end of a tier will be the Server First achievement for that raid. Allowing time limited players or players in different time zones the chance to obtain Server First achievements and add a new dimension to the PVE scene.
Quality of Life
These are some of the quality of life changes we’ve made to improve the playing experience for our players:
  • Instant 80
  • Instant 375 professions
  • Instant friendly with Northrend reputations and start with reputation tabards
  • A simple new starter experience; no vendors, just two npcs to talk to receive gear and professions
  • Reduced raid resets
  • Cross-faction everything
  • Reduced Battleground size
If you’d like more information on the server the below links should help, or feel free to jump on our discord and ask the community.

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