Legion x5 new stage 7.1.5

Posted by blackmanos

Date: May 7, 2022

Categories: Announcements

The transition to the new stage 7.1.5 will take place on June 1st:


  • Fearless Gladiator: Legion Season 2(Prestige max 9) will start
  • The new season of Mythic+ begins
  • The Nighthold(Normal, Heroic) raid opens at June 15th
  • The Nighthold(Mythic) raid opens at June 22 (the first 3 guilds who pass will receive a reward. There will be no amplifying buff when opening the raid
  • With the release of the Mythic raid players who complete a Mythic Keystone dungeon at level 13, 14, or 15 will receive upgraded items at the end of the dungeon and from the weekly Challenger’s Bounty in your class hall
  • Trial of Valor race progress on the raid will be stopped on the day when we will switch to the next patch, which means that the raid full clear of Mythic Trial of Valor starting from 1st of June will not be eligible for rewards.

Changes in the maximum value of the item level:

  • Legendaries (940)
  • Non-legendaries (925)

P.S. Data and terms may change depending on the scripting speed of the raid or any other problems or conditions.

Start the game: https://uwow.biz/start

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