Legion x25 release July 8, 2023

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Date: June 26, 2023

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Greetings heroes of the Alliance & the Horde!
We are a small, but dedicated team who have been working on a legion server for the better part of 2022 & 2023, and we’re proud to announce our new server is finally ready for release! Our release will take place on the 8th of july 2023 at 12:00 GMT time. join our grand opening! There will be a discount happening right after launch. this discount will be 30% and lasting from the 10th of july 2023 untill the 13th of july 2023. So you may get your custom transmog / regular transmog right away!

Here’s the final information about our realm:

Server location: Poland, Europe

7.3.5 client (and balancing) but content locked to 7.0.3,

the realm will start as a pve realm but after the realm first races have been claimed we will hold a poll to determine the realm type.

Polls on discord for important decisions (don’t be shy to give us suggestions!),
Realm first races with appropriate rewards,

active staff,

NO pay to win gear (only cosmetics for sale),

You can still donate for cosmetics such as: custom morphs, custom transmogs(frostmourne, ashbringer etc) custom mounts (murazond, xuen etc),

All old world zone loremasters working (quest till your hearts content!),

Fast bug fixes,

25x exp rate adjustable all the way down to x1 with custom npc,

Stackable artifact power,

working timewalking/world events(midsummer, brewfest etc),

ALL legion questlines working (including class hall, loremaster etc),

Profession questlines working,

All old dungeons/raids are possible to do, this means you’ll be able to get all the transmog your heart desires!,

All legion legendaries working for all classes/specs,

All specs tested/working (this includes demon hunter!),
Emerald Nightmare tested and 100% working (all difficulties),

2x legendary droprates,

All world quests working & tested,

Fast progression through the patches (3-4 months per patch!),

Proper 7.0.3 scaling in dungeons,

Artifact knowledge starting at 3, scaling up by 2 every week (no more slow artifact power gains)

If you’re curious about our server check out our website at: https://wowmythic.com

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9 months ago

This server has the fewest bugs of all Legion servers. And the GM’s say you can make multiple accounts, to get another 101 boost. I like it.

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