LegacyWotlk :: Fresh Progressive x1 04/04/20

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Date: March 26, 2020

Categories: Private Servers

Progressive system

• Each raid will require the previous tier raid’s achievement.
For example, once you complete Naxxramas 10-player mode, the Ulduar 10-player mode will open for you.
• All Northrend Non-Heroic & 5-player heroic mode Dungeons is open, except: Trial of the Champion, The Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron and The Halls of Reflection.
To enter Trial of the Champion, The Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, The Halls of Reflection and Trial of the Crusader you will need to complete Ulduar 25.
• Bosses will always drop that raid’s correspondent emblems.
For example, you will get Emblems of Heroism upon killing any boss inside of Naxxramas 10 and Emblem of Valor inside of Naxxramas 25.

Full Blizzlike content scripted

As happened in Retail, you can focus on what interests you most, whether you’re a person who loves quests and want to get the Loremaster, as if you are a pvp lover born and want to focus on the season of arena or do any kind of pvp (indoor, outdoor …). We consider it very important to complete the story of the characters, so those who are some achievement hunters will find here a perfect place to stay and accumulate the most achievements points possible or if you want, just explore the world. Of course, the PvE is one of the great qualities of WoW you’ll enjoy it being as Casual or Hardcore Raider. If you are someone who loves the thrill of patches strict progressively you have the option of these kinds of challenges on our progressive realm.

x1 rate

x1 rates usually brings a more devoted crowd, so the player base tends to be more passionate about playing.

Weekend extra experience

Weekends rates x2.

No pay to win

We accept donations in order to pay our host and we do have a shop where you can buy companions, mounts, bags and some other stuff that is not game breaking. We will never sell gear or gold.

Free heirlooms

Free heirlooms make you level easier but with x1 so making it competitive.

Crossfaction RDF

You get paired up with members of the other faction just for the dungeon.

Arena seasons

Arena season 5 is active on launch.

Other info:

Server opening is scheduled to 4th April on 12PM (GMT+1). Until then we have it open only for testing purposes.

Realm & other important information

Thank you very much, see you soon!

– LW team.

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