Instant 58 and Horde Transfers now available

Atlantiss Netherwing TBC Private Server

Atlantiss Netherwing TBC Private Server

Dear Netherwing Community,

Today we’re introducing features we talked about in the previous news:

  • Instant 58 boost option
  • Alliance to Horde transfer option
  • Purchasable 3x Experience boost applying all the way up to level 70.

To use either of them, please log in on the website and go to the shop. Instant 58 option is free of charge. Details about this feature can be found below:

  • Characters will receive basic starting gear through mail – please visit the nearest mailbox to retrieve the items. Those items CANNOT be sold, traded, disenchanted, sent to other players or put on the auction house.
  • No starting gold will be given, but you will be equipped with a 60% Riding and a mount. All class spells up to level 58 can be learned at the class trainers for free.
  • You should have default weapon skills of their class maxed out up to the skill cap present at level 58.
  • Hearthstone location will be set to the Blasted Lands zone, allowing for a quick start of the TBC journey.

The commands which control the experience rates are:

  • .xp = shows the currently selected xp plan
  • .xp default = switches to the default 2x experience rate
  • .xp blizzlike = switches all experience rates back to 1x blizzlike values

We hope that these changes will encourage new players to try out Netherwing and have lots of fun.

Regarding the upcoming Fresh TBC realm, we heard your concerns that you voiced over at our Discord channel. In the following days we plan to give you an opportunity to participate in a poll which will allow us to determine the community´s preferences.

Stay tuned,

Netherwing Team

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