HEROES WoW: Overhaul Alpha Testing


Our Goals
–Teirs – Test each tier in its own instance and instanced under it. We will test each bracket and work our way through them starting with Starter gear and ending with T7(T10). This includes Voter, Event and Donor Gear.
–Class Abilities – Each ability of every class needs to be tested and scaled properly.
–Boss Damage – Bosses need to be done in groups to see how much damage they do to players.
–Boss Defence – Bosses need to be done in groups to see how much damage they receive from players.
–Gear Issues – Correcting any problems with gear that may appear.

Rules & Guidelines for Testers
–You’re only here for testing.
–You will not share your account so your friends can see the content, they can see it if/when they’re accept or when the project is released. Anyone caught sharing will be dealt with a very harsh punishment.
–You will not cause any drama with other players, you all are there to help test and nothing more.
–You will be required to use Discord for direct messaging between staff and testers.
–Remember that this is testing! Everything is subject to change at any given point and most likely will based on feedback received.
–This is not a place to post your opinions of these changes. Rather you agree or disagree on these changes doesn’t matter, it has to be done so that we can start creating new content. It is an adjustment and will take time to get use too, HOWEVER as we release newer content stats will start to increase further. Consider everything on Unlimited now to be a “starter” point for the future content.

We reserve the right to decline apps without a reason. We reserve the right to decline apps based on the applicant’s behavior and general attitude. This means if you like to stir up drama, complain, or anything else your chances of being accepted will be decreased. Being accepted is a privilege.

Everyone who wants to be tester shuld fill out the speciel form. Answer honestly!

You may post your form in Private Messages to the Staff with the title “Overhaul Testing”. Replies may take anywhere between 1 hour to 2 days. Be patient! We’d like to thank the people who are willing to help us with this project. The help is very much appreciated and speeds up the process of this massive project we’re undertaking.

Thread: https://forum.heroes-wow.com/th…/6863-Overhaul-Alpha-Testing

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