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Date: July 1, 2019

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Heroes WoW have also planned new updates, a year from now (with more to come), in a form of a timeline, which means we will always know what our next update will be, and when, and so will the players.

New Server Core

Due to the core development taking too much time, we have decided to end it here with it. The reason behind the cancelling was that, taking in the duration, it would waste too much time, for what it would actually fix. So, until further notice, the core will not be replaced any time soon.

What would that mean for the server ?

It means that we are able to focus our time on different, more important, issues, and updates.

What about the bugs that the new core would’ve fixed ? Would they stay bugged ?

We attempted to fix our core’s issues as much as we can, with the first ones being the Line of Sight and falling through the ground issues.

Mini Class Balance

We are working on a mini class balance, which target big issues from both PvP and PvE, but the main focus will be about PvP.

Why is it called a mini class balance ?

It not fix all the server’s issues regarding the balance, but tackle only big specific issues, as a pre-balance update.

If this is called a mini class balance, when is the main one coming ?

It will come later on, when we’ll see fit, based on our update schedule. But it is planned to come soon, probably at start of July.

What will this update affect ?

It will affect only the classes and class spells, not items.

New Tier 2 World Boss

We will be adding a World Boss in the Tier 2 Durotar Questing Zone, which will drop specific loot.

The actual world bosses will not be removed for now. They will coexist along with the new ones, until we see fit of removing them.

The new World Boss’ difficulty will be 5 man, at almost full Tier 2 geared players.

Chapter 1 of a Secret Quest Chain

What is this quest chain all about ?

It will be a multi chapter quest chain, released on parts, that will take the player through all our content and more, for a very huge reward at the higher tiers, which will empower and give the player unique combat skills and visual rewards, which they can also improve upon tier by tier, even after the last tier has been achieved.

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4 years ago

Very fine server with good content.

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