Posted by przedszkolak

Date: February 21, 2021

Categories: Announcements

New Mall, starter zone and solo content
We have ventured away from our old mall onto a new one! We encountered unexpected bugs with the previous mall preventing us from doing the things in the zone we wanted to do. The new mall is in Grizzly Hills and we have added custom content to the zone already. 9 new rares have been scattered throughout the zone and 200 different locations for Grizzly Hills chests has been added with a smaller amount of chests spawned at once. The starting zone has also been transferred to Grizzly Hills as it is connected with the mall.
More solo content! We have released a new tier 3 solo content area where you can work on upgrading your gear or if you only want to do it for the reputation rewards that offer mounts, pets or monkey morphs!

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