Heroes-wow.com : EASTERN EVENT until 28-04-2020

Happy Easter everyone! This year for Easter we’ll be adding some content with a storyline and quests! There are 12 quests and 6 daillies. You start the event by speaking to Herald in the mall. You have to take the portal to the Easter event location which is across from Herald. The quests are designed to level T2+. Most quests are soloable however, there’s one elite that requires a group in order to kill it! After you’ve completed the quest chain you’ll unlock 6 dallies you can do in the quest zone during the event untill 28-04-2020. Have fun and enjoy your Easter!

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2 years ago

Garbage server don’t play on it.

2 years ago

This server is not worth playing. It is completely pay to play server. They even have a subscription system . Not every class is viable, and they will nerf specific classes if they are “overpowered” so you will end up buying more donor gear for another character. The owner is very money hungry, and does not help the server out in anyway. The GMs are even worse on the server, they are ban happy children. Don’t be mistaken almost eveyone I know has been banned including myself and more than once, unless you are a female.

When T9 released the first boss would one shot eveyone in the group. Note Heroes wow staff said this raid had been tested.

Anyway I wouldn’t even suggest trying this server. Just go look at some youtubers who review private servers, I sould have listened when they talked about how terrible this server was.

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