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Date: December 25, 2020

Categories: Announcements

The Christmas event is now live! Log in for daily rewards during this event! Be sure visit our discord for daily giveaways as well! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, everyone!

Due to time restraints and it being that time of year, we couldn’t go all out with this year’s event. Doesn’t mean we didn’t add stuff for you guys to do and rewards! You can do the following activities every day.

- Maze Event
- 2 Stairs Event
- Race Event
- Snowball Event
- Kill Yetis
- Instance Dailies
- BG Dailies
- Daily Discord Giveaways

During this event you will be able to earn Event Tokens, Jolly Tokens, and Soulcores. You can find the Seasonal vendor spawned in the mall near the fountain. Due to time related issues among the team, the Custom Weapon enchants will be added later when a new patch is added, these enchants will cost Jolly Tokens. We’ll be adding some event transmogs later on as well. These mogs will be purchased using Event Tokens and will always be available, even after Christmas Event is over.

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