Hellgarve International WoW Servers (Legion)

Posted by Eryllian

Date: March 5, 2023

Categories: Announcements

The Legion have come to Hellgarve to stay in our latest patch 7.3.5 with pre-BFA content. Enter the Legion universe, in the new maps of Broken Isles, Broken Shore and Argus, defeating the enemies of your faction to protect Azeroth and your friends. Relive the World of Warcraft Legion experience as the demon hunters, under the command of Ilidan Stormrage. In this expansion you will be able to obtain an artifact weapon that you will carry for life without having to look for others like the previous expansions.

Our Hellgarve Legion server will offer you:

**Hellgarve Discord:**


**Hellgarve Legion Features:**

World server PVE and PVP. Exp&Drop rate x10. Double Exp on weekends (x20).

-Gifts. Everyone likes Gifts!

-Cross faction.

-Custom GM Helper for players.

-Roleplay friendly server!

-Dungeons, raids, quests, toys of Legion and old expansions working!

-Developers working on the server 24/7 to solve problems.

-Automatic and custom events.

-Special codes for events!

-Weird and unique Easter Eggs all over the server.

-Battle Pets. Be a PokeWoW master.

-Friendly staff: English, Spanish and Russian.

-Solocraft system working.

-Battle in game shop and Online store.

Check our video!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ61ZOh51n8

Enjoy a unique experience on our Hellgarve Legion server! Register today! https://wowhellgarve.com/legion/en/register

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