Gurubashi WoW | Trailer, stress test and website updates!

Posted by Aeryx

Date: June 6, 2020

Categories: Announcements

Taz’dingo Friends!

We would like to present our July 18th release trailer! Our trailer making Gnomes are really talented — we hope you enjoy it!

5th of July stress / quality test

During July 5th, we will run a quick stress test to ensure the server is completely ready for launch. On this test, EXP rates will be extremely high so you will be able to test as much content as possible. Having this test 2 weeks before launch, allows us to fix any issues that might appear.

You will also be able to reserve your character names! The names of the characters created during the test will belong to the corresponding accounts on launch day (18th of July).

Website updates
We have updated our website! Below the landing page you will now be able to take a look at the latest news in addition to some community information such as the number of connected players, faction balance, players with the highest number of honorable kills! We intend to expand on this in the future with additional features.

In case any of you missed it, you can read our latest announcement here, where we explain more about the project.

P.S.: We are working in a full-fledged armory that we’ll announce along with the realm timeline soon.

Best regards,
Gurubashi WoW Team

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