Taz’dingo Friends!

We are happy to finally announce our Patch Timeline!

After performing a poll, we decided that Warsong Gulch will be available on launch, but WITHOUT HONOR SYSTEM / PVP GEAR REWARDS in order to not disrupt the Molten Core and early Blackwing Lair progression. The corresponding battlemaster will be located in the main cities.

Additionally, we are going to enable two new Warsong Gulch brackets: the Level 1 and the Level 2-9 one. Happy level 1 twinking!

Players who manage to reach a high number of honorable kills before the launch of the honor system will be rewarded with [Contest Winner’s Tabard]. At this point, multiple polls regarding additional PvP changes will be available to players. For example, arena skirmishes or the City Protector system.


We would like to remind everyone that we are going to perform a quality/stress test with extremely high rates during the 5th of July, players will be able to reserve character names during this day by just creating them.

Additionally, everyone who plays during the launch weekend (18th of July), will be rewarded with one of the Collector’s Edition pets (you will be able to choose the one you want). These pets won’t be available anymore after that weekend.

Best regards,
Gurubashi WoW Team

Website: https://gurubashi.org | Discord: https://discord.gg/gNNKjT9

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