FrozenTowers-Legion Open Beta Release!

Posted by ExxiaGaming

Date: April 10, 2022

Categories: Private Servers

Hey there, Exxia again representing FrozenTowers.

Just an update since our last post, the Open Beta for FrozenTowers-Legion is now live!

The full launch date, is still undecided but as mentioned prior, will be announced as public knowledge both on our Discord & here after the Open Beta concludes.

Open Beta Information:

To enable players to test current content (Legion), we are enabling Level 100 template characters that are infinte use. So use them as you please on any class or available race.

To those that aren’t exactly a fan of boosts, or just want to check content prior to Legion the EXP rate is x3. So should provide a fairly stable but faster than usual levelling experience.

Finally, I can’t stress enough bugs that are found. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you report them on our bug-tracker for the developers to organise and fix. The link to said bug-tracker will be provided below, alternatively as I also mentioned before a bug-tracker will be available on Discord. However, it is greatly appreciated if you use the proper bug-tracker on GitHub with the link below. Just to make it clear again, Legion (Current) content will be priority.

Rates / Other Information:

EXP: x3
Gold: x1
Rep: x1
Server Version: 7.3.5 (26124)
Server Type: Blizzlike
Host Location: EU
Realmlist: SET portal “”

We hope that you give our Open Beta a try!

Thank you,


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