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Date: January 6, 2020

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Dear community,
Dear WoW players,

we know you have waited a long time for this announcement and today is the day you do not have to wait any longer. 🙂

Over the past weeks and months we have polished zones, quests, mechanics, encounters and implemented several updates of our core. I am sure you have seen a few of these changes and updates in our past announcements. The years of development and constant bug fixes every day will give you the best Cataclysm experience you can get out there. Additionally TwinStar is here for over 10 years now, which makes it one of the oldest private server projects out there. This means, you can be sure that our servers will not just vanish after a few months and that we have gathered a lot of experience over the past decade.

We do not just throw our projects on the market after a few months of development. Instead, we take our time to do things properly and as per today, we think that it is time that we can release a new Cataclysm realm.

This new realm will be released on 19.01.2020 and will have the name Apollo II. It will be an international realm, supported languages will be English only.

Quick overview:

  • Release with content patch 4.0.3 (pre shattering)
  • Roughly two weeks until the actual Cata content (4.0.6) release
  • PvP season 9 will start shortly after 4.0.6
  • Fully scripted Cataclysm content (and even older expansions), working zones, world events, etc.
  • Progressive content release (T11 & T12 will last longer than previously)
  • New system of raid tweaking to compensate for 4.3.4 abilities, make the content long living and create an actual challenge for HC raids
  • Blizzlike rates in the beginning, until the race is over (xp rates will be changed later with the possibility to switch to 1x)

Join our discord to stay updated –
Apollo website –
Projects landing page –

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