Firestorm successfully launches their BfA server

Posted by Furious

Date: March 17, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Hello, everyone!

Today it has been an amazing day! Sethraliss launch is a success (stability wise). Overall performance and content are on par with what we expected.
So far since its launch the realm crashed twice, which we used for apply hot fixes. We experienced no downtime at all!
We would like to thank you all who have logged and are playing and we expect you to keep enjoying the future experiences we have to offer on Firestorm!
And as always, if you have any issues you can always report then on our Bugtracker. Our Quality Assurance Team is forwarding all to the Developers so they get solved quickly.
And for in-game assistance do not hesitate and create a ticket. The Game Master teams are there to help you!

Have a great weekend!

– LegnaX

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