EYE of GODS – Update to version 2.0

Posted by Eye of Gods

Date: January 1, 2021

Categories: Private Servers

We updated to the ver. 2.0

Nathria Realm

 Added Weapon Visual NPC
 Added Transmog NPC
 Added Starter Guild
 Added PvP Titles
 Added Gambler NPC
 Added Enchanter NPC
 Added Emblems Transfer NPC(frost, triump, conquest)
 Added Buffer NPC
 Added Instance Reset option
 Added Guild Zone
 Added Phased Duels
 Added Duel Reset option
 Added Anti-farming
 Added Instance and Dungeon Auto Balance to number of players in group(solo content)
 Auction House bot
 Added Cross faction Battleground
 Added 1vs1 Arena

We have also prepared Patch 2.0

Now we have frozen two Realms for updating.

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