Posted by Eye of Gods

Date: December 12, 2020

Categories: Private Servers

Last week, without fireworks and great announcements, the premiere of the new EYE of GODS server took place. This is a new unique quality on the Internet related to servers for World of Warcraft fans.

The server is a three-in-one (3 in 1) server with a very simple and player friendly website and game interface aimed at speeding up functioning and gaming, as well as adaptation to mobile phones.

Our main goal is to make the game in WoW more attractive, interactive and to introduce new solutions that have never been used before …. In addition to the existing solutions related to WoW servers, we have introduced many new ones, borrowed from other games. We introduce new elements, updates and solutions practically every few hours.

The team that created this server are people who have played WoW practically from the very beginning, as well as those who have hardly played. There are very famous developers, people associated with various games, designers, graphic designers, the so-called simplifiers, etc.

Please visit our website and server, do not hesitate. Start at

As I started playing at the turn of the 70’s and 80’s, I was learning to dance with Beatles, I got to know J. Page, JPII, HER MAG. and I can be a grandmother of almost all of You, , so I am a very old woman.

I would like to kindly ask YOU that, in addition to the wave of hate, there will be those WHO will make specific comments and write constructive reviews.

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Very fine job. Good server with a lot of items and without bots.