Easter is arriving in Eye of Gods. On this occasion, we double drop chance for Emblem of Frost Tokens and we added new Emblem of Frost token with 500 Emblems of Frost. It’s not everything we increased 3x Honor Rate.

Event time 02.04.2021-09.04.2021.

Eye of Gods Team with best wishes

Easter is rebirth and hope for a new tomorrow. It is a return of faith in another Human Being. Let no one feel lonely in this blessed time, there is always Someone Who watches over everything, and even the hardest trial leads to a better time. May this time of Resurrection bring you peace and faith in a new, better time, let it give You strength and perseverance in overcoming adversities and allow You to look to the future with confidence … And this Easter will give you strength and perseverance, let Your heart be filled with peace and joy. Beloved, experience exceptional happiness on this Easter, feel God’s love and His care and try to understand the meaning of trial and suffering, open Your heart and let the Spirit of hope come. I wish You and Your Family abundance of grace and blessings from the Risen Christ, time spent with the Family, Holidays full of peace, in this difficult time that we are going through.

Easter with joyful “Hallelujah” and best wishes !!!!