Elysium WoW – Fresh New Website & Shop!

Greetings! We are VERY excited to announce our new website is live @ www.Elysium-Project.org! The new website includes a new shop, realm statistics, character armory, account information (including any bans and the reason), character auctions, and other account related changes!

Shop features:
– Unique Mounts unavailable in the game
– Vanity Pets
– Unique Tabards
– XP Stop tokens for twinks (stops the char from gaining any EXP while they own the token – can be destroyed to resume EXP gain)

Account Services:
– Race change
– Faction change
– Email change
– Model changes (hair/face/etc)
– Name change (Also looking at limiting this to once a week or something to avoid ninjas/bad reputiation people getting away with things.)
– Character restore (restores deleted characters)
– Un-Stuck character feature

Character Auction House:
Players will be able to sell their characters for Elysium Coins (the currency used in the shop). This can in no way be traded in for real currency. Players will put their character up on the AH for a certain amount of EC, and people interested in buying will buy for EC. This is the only legal/legitimate way for people to trade characters to each other.

Also there is a Character Armory available (like realmplayers except for us, and way nicer) as well as server stats and some other cool features.

Payment for Elysium Coins
We have additional payment options on the way. Please be patient while these are added. For the time being, payment can be done through various REGIONAL options when you click “Buy Coins”. Message me personally if you’re having issues with this process and I’ll do my best to help.

Important Notice
Please be aware that we will NEVER offer in game services or items that give ANY advantage to players. Pay-to-win is NOT an option on our realms, and we will always make project decisions with that in mind.

The new website uses SSL to ensure all personal data are as secure as possible when using the new website.

The website is still under development – so if you encounter any issues, please let us know!

Fresh New Website & Shop!”

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