Elysium announces a TBC beta

Well Met and Lok’tar!

Elysium team is proud to reveal several details surrounding the upcoming launch of our Burning Crusade realm. In keeping with the accelerated progression timeline for Nighthaven, we are anticipating a public launch date at the end of 2018.

Since launching Nighthaven in November 2017, the Elysium team has received thousands of messages from players, asking us what has happened to their old characters. Our community is very important to us, and we are thrilled to announce that the release of TBC will finally enable us to unite all Elysium players, past and present, under a single realm!

Characters from the following inactive realms will be eligible for transfer:
•    Nighthaven PVP
•    Darrowshire (Nostalrius PVE)
•    Anathema (Nostalrius PVP)
•    Zeth’kur PVP
•    Elysium PVP

Legacy realm characters will be restored from their October 2017 state.

Closed Beta Starting this Month – How to Participate:

Our closed beta test realm will be opening on June 10th. Elysium is looking for only the most accomplished guilds to participate in the first round of closed testing, which will last approximately 3 months. If you think your guild is ready to cross through the Dark Portal, we want to hear from you!

Interested Guild Masters can apply by sending a PM directly to me on the Elysium Project forum.

Additional Information:
•    There will be a separate bug-tracker for TBC related issues, which will be available to the public on our github.
•    Nighthaven will remain online as Vanilla realm — even after TBC launch.
•    Following the closed beta, QA will be conducting a large-scale stress test of the server.

Anybody with additional questions, concerns, or suggestions is welcome to contact the Elysium team through our Forums, Discord, or Social media!

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