DragonWoW 3.3.5a & 1.12.1

Posted by Xandrah

Date: May 23, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Hello Everyone,

Lets get to the good stuff, we have been actively developing a classic server based on the nost source code.
This server is progressive and is about to open,there are no accounts on this server or characters, rewards are going to be given to all realm first 60’s (maximum of 2)

  • Progressive Server – Currently at patch Version 1.2 The Mysteries of Maraudon!
  • Based on the Nostalrius source code.
  • Actively updated.
  • Server has just launched!
  • PvP Realm

The Forums (Please register here) https://forum.dragonwow.eu

Classic Website (please register here and follow the connection guide) https://classic.dragonwow.eu
TLK Website (please register here and follow the connection guide) https://dragonwow.eu

I hope to see you all ingame, I apologise to the community for anyone who used to play on our old servers, but for it to work we needed to purge our old staff, they were not at all helping the community.

So please come give us a try! I would love to see you ingame!

DragonWoW Team

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