Dragonblight WotLK server has launched!

Posted by Furious

Date: April 27, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

The Dragonblight server that’s been eagerly anticipated has now been launched!

The server is live! We are still fending off DDoS attacks that started about an hour ago, but are able to handle them at this time.

Realmlist: set realmlist logon.dragonblight.eu

You can also download a client here: https://www.dkpminus.com/blog/wow-3-3-5a-download-wrath-of-the-lich-king-client/

Have fun and enjoy, we will be keeping you updated on any further measures.

They have a new website online that users can register at to play on. So far it has been a smooth launch with minimal downtime, the biggest complaints are around increasing dynamic spawning to avoid wait times for quest mobs and items.


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