1. The event will be hosted on Saturday 11th of April, 8pm server time.
2. 8 teams max.
3. The teams will be comprised of 3 players of any composition. If you are missing a player by the time the event is starting, you will be matched with others randomly.
4. It will be an elimination style match, if you lose, you’re out for good!
5. The event will be announced at 8pm realm time and invites will start. The meeting place shall be at Gurubashi Arena to ensure all players are following the rules in relation to gear and the teams are sorted.
6. To enter, comment on the thread the names of the characters you and your partners will use in the 3’s event. If you are not online as we begin invites at 8pm realm time, your spot will be given to other players.
7. To register, you must comment on this post with the name of your character and your 2 team mates character names.