Chillmere WotLK :: Instant 68 Progressive Realm May 22, 2021

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Date: May 10, 2021

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Hello DKPminus!

As months of development have been poured into the project, the realm design has been an ongoing subject of discussion among ourselves.

As WotLK enthusiasts, we believe that the best way to start playing WotLK is at level 68. That’s why in our realm everyone has the option to skip Vanilla & TBC content and to roll directly into the Northrend.

General Starting Info

  • Type – PvP
  • Dungeon Finder – Disabled
  • Starting Level – 68 (Hero class 55)
  • A set of level 68 (green) quality gear
  • Instant two Professions – 350
  • Dual Talents Specialization
  • Expert Riding
  • Race-specific mounts
  • A little bit of gold and bags to start the journey
  • No pay to win – x2 Experience Boost is how far our store will go, we will never sell gold or gear (boost is unavailable until all 80′ RF achievements are taken)

Experience multipliers

  • 68 to 80 – x1

Other multipliers

  • Reputation – x1
  • Honor – x1
  • Gold – x1
  • Drop – x1
  • Profession 350 to 450 – x1
  • Arena flush – Weekly

Everything else is strictly x1 rate. Nothing will be modified from the original version of Blizzard’s WotLK expansion.

Chillmere has chosen to adopt challenging progressive system for the realm. This means that content is released gradually to the players ensuring the retail experience is mirrored as closely as possible. This will be in effect for both PvE and PvP.

How exactly the timeline and progressive system will work check in our website.



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