Avalon x9 by Another Way – Ulduar Teaser Trailer and Huge Project Changes

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Date: February 6, 2020

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YouTube: Avalon x9 Ulduar Teaser Trailer by Another Way | WoW Private Server

Hello Lovely DKPminus!

We would like to share a bunch of updates that will come to life along with Ulduar.

Firstly and most importantly we have decided to alter the rates of the server to everything x5 (experience rate will stay x9). This will ensure the game is still fast and end-game oriented but at the same time more rewarding and fun. It has been a hard decision to make but after a lot of feedback, comments and a long term shape of the project it had to be made. This rates will also be a thing for our future TBC and Cata projects. At the same time this will require a gold squish to match the existing gold with the new rates, it means 55% of all existing gold will remain in the world.

Regarding the PvP on Avalon x9, the long-awaited soloque will be available once Season 6 starts.

What is more, Avalon x9 will have an instant 80 only PvP server Avalon Tournament bound to it (PvE will be disabled), it will have crossrealm BG and Arena with the main server however it will be available once the content is fully progressed. (this will be a thing for TBC and Cata realms as well)

After a week from the Ulduar’s release we are going to open the TBC Beta Server and a new Website featuring: rankings, send a gift in the account panel as well as website marketplace.

Lastly, we are going to reduce Technical issue addressing via Discord. As much as we like staying in touch with you, we would like it to be a place for players to talk freely instead of some kind of hotline. We have decided that ingame tickets, forum and issue tracker will be more convenient means of communication for both of us. So only official announcements and Q&A sessions will be handled from time to time by us.

While we will still come to chat from time to time – from now on, it will be a media for players with Roxie stepping up as a Community Manager to react to overly toxic behavior or spamming.

On a side note we are very excited for the Ulduar release, we have managed to resolve most of the issues that have been reported – you will not be disappointed.

Also we are glad that our new Hosting company allowed to reduce the ping of the US based players to around 100ms instead of 200ms.

Don’t be late! Join now on: https://playanotherway.com

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Discord: https://discord.playanotherway.com

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