Atlantiss team threatens to punish people who spread misinformation

Posted by Furious

Date: January 10, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Atlantiss team threatens to punish people who spread misinformation


Earlier today in the Netherwing Discord #official channel, Pelekon (who appears to be a developer on the Netherwing project) posted the following message:

@everyone We are getting more and more reports about people who spread misinformation that we close server, that’s not truth, all people we catch on such thing will get punished.

They did not clarify what constitutes what qualifies as misinformation or what punishments would be handed out.

Related to the server crashes, currently some developers from Tauri WoW team are assisting the Netherwing team with investigating the crashes.

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Quite possibly the most nothing post I have ever read.


Not surprised. I’ve talked to a few people banned from their server. One was banned because he “damaged the server” and by that I mean he posted information that pointed to their head GM being corrupt, and when the head GM is also the one handing out bans and the only one capable of unbanning (on top of being only one of three that can read the unban emails) permaed the person in question and with the statement being “I am the server” essentially.

These guys will ban you for posting “THREE YEARS” in chat