Atlantiss Netherwing Official Trailer Release


Dear Community,

We are very proud to announce the official Netherwing release date. To start off, we can’t express enough how excited and satisfied we are to finally get to the state where so many players will be able to enjoy the fruits of our work.

Many people will certainly ask why the release is scheduled for January and not December. We’ve put in a lot of effort and tried our best to launch this year, but we decided to take our time and polish the realm as much as possible. There are still some issues we need to resolve and we are also working on optimization and stability in the background, to ensure that launch will be as smooth as possible. We also believe that releasing in the same month as the expansion did 12 years ago has a special charm.

As the beta is still ongoing, we would like to thank everyone who participated in any of the phases. We never dreamt of having so many dedicated people journeying through Azeroth and Outland, reporting every tiny problem they encounter. Thanks to this approach, we are able to reach the level of quality far above private server standards.

Ever since we announced the open beta, you have given us a lot of love, patience and understanding. We hope that Netherwing will bring you a lot of joy and great memories for years to come. We can’t stress enough how excited we are for the things to come.

We encourage everyone to join our Discord and express their thoughts and ideas on our forums.

Thank You,

Netherwing Team

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