ArgusWow cross server runned!

Posted by rubaka

Date: November 12, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Cross server work with several servers has been started:

– total online 4500+

– fast BG and arenas

– fast dungeons

– joint mythic +

– joint raids

– cross zones in starting locations

We have:

– full transfer of characters from other servers

– permanent content fixes

– fully scripted legion locations

– free boost for new account

About server:

How to start:

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4 years ago

Writing this for players that want to join the server, you’d rather not.. you cant complete your quests because for some reason people can attack in dalaran and they can kill your npc whom you activated.. also there is a lot of inactivity .. so 1 -2 people here n there just making you quit an empty server.

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