Arcanian-WoW FRESH 3.3.5a Launch 1 December 2019

Posted by Xaye

Date: October 31, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Arcanian-WoW proudly presents our FRESH 3.3.5a Wrath of the Lich King realm, Ready for Launch on 1 December 2019 8 PM GMT + 2!

We offer you to come and experience our progressive content release starting at patch 3.0.1 up to 3.3.5 and into cataclysm after that. Our realms are PvP based (World PvP enabled)Battlegrounds and Dungeon queuing systems will be open. Our server also offer scaling xp rates and leveling rewards:

x1 – 2500 gold + Swift Spectral Tiger Mount

x3 – 2000 gold

x5 – 1500 gold

x7 – 1000 gold

Experience rates can be changed by talking to a butler in every start zone. However, for the sake of realm first achievements, starting at launch, all xp rates will be set to x1 until all race / class realm first achievements have been awarded. This will make it fair to everyone leveling and competing for those achievements. Our server will stay in open beta until 25 November 2019, thereafter beta accounts will be rewarded for testing and characters will be locked for live.

All beta characters will be transferred over to the live realm, but will be locked until all realm firsts have been awarded. If you decide to play during this time we are still open for beta, you will keep your character and everything on it once the realm moves into the live state, but as mentioned above, all beta characters will be locked on launch. You will however be free to join in the realm first race with a new character on your account.

Feel free to visit our website & hop onto our Discord to join in the countdown or for more information.


Arcanian Management.

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