Apollo XP Event

Posted by Arthas

Date: June 10, 2019

Categories: Announcements, Private Servers

Dear community,

since the merge of Artemis and Hades you were able to keep the population constantly high at a point without long dungeon, battleground or arena queues, often even without any waiting time.

On top of that you are still breaking the record of played 3v3 arena games every weekend.

Besides that we have also received a lot of feedback from you and people that want to start playing here. Therefore, as a small thank you, we have decided to give you another 2 weeks of 3x experience rates.

The XP event will begin on Monday, 17.06.2019 after the server restart.

For those of you that still want to use 1x experience rates for leveling, you can do that with the ingame command “.mod xp 1”.
(Keep in mind that you need to use this command every time you log in if you want to use 1x XP during these 2 weeks.)

Apollo Team

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