Apollo is looking for a Community Manager

Dear community,

as the workload of the Apollo team is increasing with the upcoming future project(s) and our current distribution of tasks is not sufficient enough any more, we are looking to fill the position of the Community Manager again.

As a CM your main objective is to be the liaison between the team and our community, the players.

You are also responsible to provide information to the community, therefore you will work closely with the project administration.

But such simple things as being the counterpart for players on any available communication channel is important, too.

Another important aspect of this position is to develop a continual improvement process. Any idea you have to satisfy players and make the project grow is valuable.

What we look for in a potential Community Manager:

  • Minimum age of 18.
  • Being familiar with the server rules.
  • Great knowledge of the game.
  • Being familiar with what is currently happening on Twinstar.
  • Polite and friendly attitude.
  • Self-reliance and desire to learn new things.
  • Willingness to work in a team.
  • Psychological resilience and ability to deal with players.
  • Very good knowledge of the English & Czech (or Slovak) language.
  • Preferably familiar with video creation and editing (Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, After Effects and similar)

Your Responsibilities:

  • Have an overview of current implementations/projects and be able to determine what is important for the community to know.
  • Act as senior point of contact for every player on our communication platforms.
  • Cooperate with teams to deliver content custom tailored for social media platforms and our community.
  • Develop public relations strategies for the projects future.

This position has the possibility of future growths depending on your personal development and dedication.

Please send your application to – Faldal(at)twinstar.cz

Apollo Team

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