Another Way | Season 7 and Ulduar release date | PvP Tournament with $ Prizes Starting now

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Date: January 11, 2020

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We are glad to present the new Another Way BG Tournament with CASH prizes along with the release date of Ulduar and Season 6.

Firstly, Ulduar and Season 6 starts on the 7th of February 2020 at 9:00 PM CET (2:00 PM CST).

Secondly, Battleground play will be appropriately rewarded!

Battleground rewards for Season 5 (current):

Top 1 – 3 BGs won – $100.00
Top 4 – 7 BGs won – $50.00
Top 8 – 10 BGs won – $20.00

The Prizes will be even higher in the Seasons to come!

Season 6: $200.00 Grand Prize.

Season 7: $300.00 Grand Prize.

Season 8: $500.00 Grand Prize!!!

What is more, there are rewards for ALL Tournament participants, the rewards are called Gladiator Crowns (Arena) and Battle Crowns (Battleground).

Arena / Battleground win awards 3 crowns, loss awards 1 crown.

These currencies can be used to attain in-game rewards like weapons from the previous Arena Season (currently: Hateful Gladiator’s), 36 slot bags and vanity items (tabards, mounts, mini pets).

The rewards can be retrieved through PayPal and ONLY that way, if it is not possible, the reward will be added to the participant’s account in Another Way Premium Currency (Royal Crowns).

What is more, the Magic Rooster Egg will be given to the top 10 HKs Players! Only the HKs done in the Battlegrounds (WSG, AB, AV, EoTS, IoC, SotA) will count for the mount.


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